Our country has one of the world’s highest standards of healthcare, yet there are some Singaporeans who do not have access to proper, regular dental care. These people could be from welfare homes, the physically or mentally disabled, the elderly, abandoned children, just to name a few.

The Bringing Dentalcare to Singaporeans (BDS) Project was set up to resolve this problem.

One of the aims of the Singapore Dental Health Foundation is to promote dental health in Singapore. So it is appropriate that the SDHF takes the lead to initiate a project to address this problem. We are a non-profit organization, made up entirely of volunteers. We want to emphasize that the responsibility of promoting dental health does not lie with dentists alone. We want to get dentists, dental nurses, dental technicians, suppliers and others involved.

Our objective is to promote volunteerism among dentists and dental auxiliaries so that we can provide adequate dental care to welfare homes in Singapore.

  • To co-ordinate dental volunteer activity so as to maximize the use of our limited resources.
  • To be a Resource Centre for dental professionals who are involved in community service
  • To raise the level of volunteerism among the dental community.
  • To ensure that everyone in Singapore has regular access to proper dental care, with special focus on those in welfare homes.

Everyone involved in dentistry immediately recognizes this acronym as it stands for our University degree (Bachelor of Dental Surgery). We hope that in the future, BDS also stands for the contribution of dentists to the community.

BRINGING This gives the impression of volunteers actively bringing our skills to the less fortunate.

DENTALCARE Dentistry is also about caring for the whole person. We realize that these people have many other problems and they are very often much more serious. But we have to do what we can to help, however little it may be.

SINGAPOREANS We start at home because there are still pockets of our population that are not adequately cared for. We do realize that there are needs in our neighbouring countries and we are very encouraged by the efforts of some of our colleagues who venture abroad to provide dental care.

Every Singaporean Deserves a Healthy Smile

EVERY SINGAPOREAN This incorporates a part of the Singapore 21 Vision’s “Every Singaporean Matters”.

DESERVES emphasizes that dental care is a necessity, as much as good health and a roof over our heads.

HEALTHY indicates that we contribute towards the overall well being of a person.

SMILE gives a clue to the area of our work. A smile also indicates happiness.