What is SDHF?

SDHF is an organization of volunteers working to increase dental awareness and promote dental health in Singapore.

  • organize and promote activities to improve dental health of the Singapore public
  • promote education and research relating to dental health
  • co-operate with the Ministry of Health, National University of Singapore and other organizations to improve public dental health

The running of the Foundation is carried out by our Board whose members are elected yearly. In addition, representatives of

• the Dean, Dental Faculty, National University of Singapore
• the President, Singapore Dental Association

have seats on the Board. This is to facilitate co-operation with these bodies.

We are supported by donations and corporate sponsorship for our activities. These donations can only be used for public education, health promotion and research.

We have conducted surveys on the dental health needs of different sections of the population like factory workers and disabled children.

The SDHF invites applications for funds to do research on public dental health.

The BDS project (Bringing Dentalcare to Singaporeans) aims to help recruit and co-ordinate volunteers to provide dental care to underprivileged groups.

In 2001, this project won the National Volunteer Centre’s Merit Award for Outstanding New Volunteer Initiative.

  • Voluntary service to the disabled
  • Free Screening