We want our volunteers to grow in their experience and the satisfaction they derive from their work.

Some of the other positions that a volunteer could assume are:

  1. Working at different homes to increase the range of their skills.
  2. Work as a trainer to other dentists.
  3. Co-ordinator of a special program eg health education to care-givers.
  4. Work on the management committee of the welfare home.
  5. Act as mentor to other volunteers.
  6. Do research on the health or other aspects of special-needs groups.
  7. Be an advocate for a group of their choice.
Being a volunteer can be such an enriching experience. It provides us with opportunities to interact with people from all walks of life. It gives us the experience of working under different situations thus sharpening our skills.

And most of all, it gives us the satisfaction of making use of our skills in a most useful way for the community.