Every volunteer plays an integral part of our team in bringing great dental care to the community.

By knowing one’s role well, we can then ensure the success of any program that SDHF undertakes.

  1. Proper running of the surgery, i.e. making sure that equipment, instruments and materials are in order.
  2. Collaboration with Management and staff of the Welfare Home.
  3. Dental health of the residents, i.e. conduct surveys and screenings to determine their dental needs.
  4. Coordination and motivation of volunteers.
  5. Overall in charge of finances, i.e. setting up a fee schedule, raising funds, buying materials and equipment.

  1. Provide dental treatment.
  2. Chairside dental health education.
  3. Keeping proper patient records.
  4. Giving dental health talks and participating in forums.

  1. Preparation of Dental Chair and other equipment before the start of a clinical session.
  2. Cleaning and sterilization of all instruments.
  3. Assisting the dental surgeon during treatment.
  4. Checking all materials and instruments.

  1. Setting up patient appointments.
  2. Making sure patients turn up for their appointments.
  3. Planning duty rosters for volunteer dental surgeons and assistants.
  4. Collecting and safekeeping of fee payments.
  5. Dispensing of medicines and post-operative instructions.

  1. Construction of dentures, crowns and bridges for our patients
  2. Keeping proper records of all work done.

  1. Sourcing for dental materials, instruments and equipment as required by the clinics.
  2. Keeping track of stocks of materials in the clinic.
  3. Inform the dentist in-charge of any shortfall of materials.

  1. Maintenance and servicing of dental equipment in the clinics.
  2. Repairing faulty instruments and equipment.
  3. Teaching volunteers and staff on proper care and storage of equipment.