To better equip yourself with the essential skills to serve better, you may want to sign up for courses organised by our partners.

These are available from the following sources:

The Foundation will organize special lectures or demonstrations depending on the needs and requests of volunteers. These will be aimed towards equipping dentists and dental auxiliaries with the skills needed for the management of patients from special groups including the elderly, the physically and intellectually disabled, the children, the adolescent, the destitute and others.

We may also conduct courses jointly with the Singapore Dental Association, the Ministry of Health and the National University of Singapore on relevant topics like Geriatric Dentistry and Pedodontics.

You may contact the SDHF office at:
2 College Rd Singapore 169850
Tel: 6223 9343 Fax: 6224 7967

The National Volunteer Centre (NVC) organises generic courses for volunteers and volunteer coordinators. They include courses on interpersonal communications skills, team-building and public-speaking as well as on volunteer motivation and management. Courses are conducted at the Centre at MND Building, Annex B, in Maxwell Road.

Volunteers and volunteer organizations can request to be placed on the mailing list for NVC training brochures. Please call NVC’s hotline at 63250965 or Fax: 62210625 or email: nvced@singnet.com.sg.

The NCSS, through the Volunteers Action and Development Centre (VADC) organises training courses regularly throughout the year. Training is broadly categorized into 2 types, namely the Generic Training and Service-Specific Training.

Generic Training

1. Effective Problem Solving.
2. Developing Self- awareness.
3. Role of Volunteers and Volunteer Coordinators.
4. Creative Thinking.
5. Effective Conflict Management.

Service- Specific Training
1. Working with Children.
2. Working With Youth.
3. Working With The Physically Disabled.
4. Working With The Intellectually Disabled.
5. Working With The Elderly.
6. Working With Caregivers.

These are normally conducted over 2 or 3 days. They are mostly in English but there are courses available in Mandarin or Malay. Those interested may contact:

NCSS Centre
170 Ghim Moh Rd #01-02
Tel: 62102500 Fax: 64681012

We want our volunteers to grow in their experience and the satisfaction they derive from their work.

These are the organizations which run the various welfare homes. They often conduct orientation programmes and in-house courses for their volunteers. These courses will give you an insight into the type of work they are doing and the profile of the residents at that particular home.